I love how you are gentle and caring and compassionate. I love how you give so much when I have nothing to give back. I love how you look me in the eye and say- I’m here. Worry not. We’ll figure things out. I love the way you do the dishes everyday humming to old melodies, the way you knit sweaters so patiently for some baby next door, the way you always have a lopsided smile hanging from the corner of your lips, as though there’s a secret behind your strange tranquility. I love your voice when you call my name, like cinnamon sprinkled in the bitterest of coffee. I love how you ask how my day went. And I know when I ask you about yours, you will lie to me that it was wonderful. That Mother and Father came over to see you. That they treated you nicely and told you that you were a good daughter-in-law.
I wish things didn’t have to be this way. I wish I could protect you like you protect me. I wish I could love you like you love me. But if nothing else, I’ve given you one thing. Resilience. Not that I’m proud of it. I am ashamed. But I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for that fire in your eyes. I’m proud of you for that strength in your heart. I’m proud of everything in you, as much as I’m ashamed of everything in me. In your palms lie the energy that keeps us together till this day. The energy I was never able to provide like I should have.
And when my head falls in shame, I know yours is held up high, always ready for the monsters of our lives, for both of us together.
Power looks so good on you.

39 thoughts on “Sembaruthi

      1. enakum thaan…epadiyo thamil peru therinja odane tamila comment panniduren..naanum smart thaan pola…coimbatore tamilachiya?


          1. naan madurai..ana work chennai thaan…yammma naan 6 years a wp la irukenn..neenga thaan puthusu..naan thaan happy adade tamil people irukanganu 🙂


          2. illa ippo neraya irukanga..tamils are ashamed to have tamil names and they come in differnet names.. even many thought im not a tamil guy but still I used to write tamil poems and I met few Tamils from CBE ..thats y asked if neengalum tamila nu


          3. yes really not all we same right..few even don’t feel like talking or replying in tamil… naagaraikam nu solrainga… aama neenga enna seyrenga?

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      1. Oh that is so heartwarming to read! I’m happy!! 😊😊
        I remember when I was in the early days of my blog, about a year ago … and one blogger named Kae gave me some positive feedback! I was so thrilled! Prior to that I was wondering if my blog was just a personal indulgence!

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  1. This brought to mind a lot of memories I wish I could forget yet the heart never lets somethings’ go. Beautiful words! My eyes welled up at the end of it.

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