Give me all the colour

My taste in clothes and home decor have always been thought too bizarre for 2018. You’ll see me walking down the streets in a chilli red palazzo and kalamkari blouse, a bindi, my black nerdy glasses. You’ll think to yourself- oh, there goes a misfit. Perhaps I am a misfit. And quite an offbeat one at that.

My wardrobe is severely malfunctioned, of course, for I don’t own the staples- black jeans, pastel tank top. You would wonder where I get all my gaudy dupattas. Come shop with me sometime. Let’s watch together how flamboyance has a beauty of its own.

You should come visit my home one day. We’re not an incredibly organized household. Clean, but not organized. Our cupboards cannot possibly hold in the number of things we own. Yes, we’ve quite always been the opposite of minimalists. We clearly have too many things at home, not that our middle-class selves could afford so much, but that we rarely give away things we’ve been given.

And the colours- they could blind you if you’re into the grey-and-pastel aesthetic. Our bed sheets are often Rajastani printed, and our curtains don’t match the furniture in the rooms. The walls are covered in sloppy, amateur Kerala murals of peacocks and Krishnas attempted by yours truly. Vethala paaku to anyone who visits is an absolute necessity, so we have tons of that too. And you guys, our pillow covers look like vegetable salad.

But our home glows. We’re a loud, vibrant bunch and there’s so much emotion between us. There’s happiness and sorrow and panic and peace all within those walls. Remember the family you were so very amused by in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? We are that family.

Having grown up this way, I find myself attached to the abundance of things. I’ve been given gifts I can no longer use- but I’d keep them all.

Besides, I could never get rid of colours and mismatches and everything in between.

Give me all the colour there is in the world. I want to see so much more of it.

Not just in me, but in you, and in you, and in you. In everything that is beautiful. In the temples. In play schools. In the flowers sold on the street. In the sarees that we need more of in this country. In bindis and sindoor and baskets and jewellery. In homes- yours and mine and hers and his.

Give me all the colour there is.

110 thoughts on “Give me all the colour

  1. Colors are a symbol of happiness trust me they reflect your personality …… personally I am that ivory ,grey ,black ,beige personality but it’s so refreshing to see others embrace vibrance. Stay the way you are.🤗❤️

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  2. Ah your post after a while. I love colours! As crazy as they as may look to an observer. Brightness, colours, patterns, red, yellow, green, pastel, indigo, give me all 🙂

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      1. We certainly do!! Although a number of people find solace in shades of white, grey and light blue I find it too scary and feel like a misfit. 😀

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  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you say — everything – from beginning to end! Colors, vethalai paaku and most of all – “In the sarees we need more of in this country.” There is such magic in the traditional colors and drapes of each country. I love that you hold them with flourish in your own absolutely special way – Magenta is the new black 🙂

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  4. This is certainly a delight for me to read. Your words created a vivid imagination that is still lingering.
    I am totally mesmerized it’s all your ingenuity. Best wishes. Keep writing.

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          1. My name is Aquib. (Pronounced as A then Q (Q from the throat or the epiglottis) and ib.. A’Qib., many people get the phonic of name wrong, yeah 😂)

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  5. Give me all the colour there is in the world. I want to see so much more of it.

    How should I not be fan of this line?
    Your writing was soo beautiful! I can’t get over it!

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  6. What an amazingly beautiful beautiful post!! I absolutely love how you own yourself, our ways and all that you live with. You so positively instigate us to break the polished rules in favor of thorough happiness through freely expressing. May you receive and bring all the color there is to this world!

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  7. Such a beautiful post. Colour holds vibration.. May your vibration always hold colours of harmony, love and kindness.. These are the colours that matter.. Your home sounds to be a welcoming and beautiful place..
    Many thanks for your visit and your follow.

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  8. “We clearly have too many things at home, not that our middle-class selves could afford so much, but that we rarely give away things we’ve been given.” I think this is pretty much the same in many of the middle class families!! Maybe its an Indian thing!

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